We use the tortilla as a vehicle to feature different regions of Mexico, as well as our own creative culinary explorations from around the world.


We make tacos. We are El Grito.



El Grito Taqueria uses the highest quality products available in Southern Wisconsin.
Using all natural, sustainably-produced ingredients we express our appreciation of the
hard work and dedication of Midwestern farmers. 


Our menu changes frequently. Please follow our social media to stay up to date with our current offerings. 




Wednesday - Friday
Capitol Loop Lunch
50 N State St | Madison, WI
11am - 2pm


Near West Dinner
11 N Allen St | Madison, WI
6pm - 8pm


BarleyPop Tap & Shop
2045 Atwood Ave | Madison, WI
6pm - 8pm



August 1 & 2
Central Park Sessions
Central Park | Madison, WI

August 3 & 4
Sugar Maple Music Festival
Lake Farm County Park
Madison, WI

August 9
Madison Night Market
Downtown Madison on Gilman St
6pm - 11pm | Madison, WI

August 15 & 16
Central Park Sessions
Central Park | Madison, WI

August 18
Private Event

August 23
Brew With a View
Tyranena Brewery | W8390 Korth Ln
5pm | Lake Mills, WI

August 25 & 26
Orton Park Festival
Orton Park | Madison, WI

September 8
Private Event

September 15 & 16
Willy Street Fair
Williamson St | Madison, WI

September 20
Breese Stevens Bodega
Breese Stevens | 917 E Mifflin
4pm - 8pm | Madison, WI

September 22
Private Event

September 28
CRACKLE - Fire & Froth
Olbrich Gardens | 3330 Atwood Ave
5pm | Madison, WI

October 4
Tyranena Brewery Pop Up
Tyranena Brewery | 1025 Owen St
5pm | Lake Mills, WI

October 5
MMoCA Gallery Night
Allen Centennial | 620 Babcock Dr.
6pm - 8pm | Madison, WI